About Shirley


My purpose and passion is to help you...

Claim your power

I know what its like to wake up and see that you've recreated some of the same self-defeating patterns and beliefs from your childhood into your adulthood.

Even knowing what those obstacles were and where they came from, was not enough for me to change the "old programming".

Meditating, affirmation mantras and journaling were all helpful, but it wasn't enough to change my fears and blocks, so I could bust out of this holding pattern in my life.

I wanted something so different so badly. I would cry knowing that it all had to do with me, but I didn't know how to change it.

It was not until I began to consciously "rewire" my subconscious and change my perspective that the transformation happened.

By rewriting my story I was able to reimagine what was possible and live the life I'd always envisioned.

My Story

I’ve been a mighty massage therapist for about 15 years. While pushing muscle, I’ve dabbled in energy work...my most fav being craniosacral.

My table became a safe space for people to share and express their minds and hearts and I was pleasantly surprised that...I Looooved that part of our session.

Soon I learned that the reason people were coming to see me was to get a little “Shirley coaching”...who would have dreamed it!?

I also discovered that I see pictures as I work on people and they tell me their “stories”. Sharing with them what I see in my mind's eye brings clarity to the challenge.


I'm Shirley

The low down...I’m a single Momma and truly see it as a gift and Right of Passage. I feel like a winner when I feel the balance of life running through my home and heart.

I love deep, meaningful conversations and strong coffee. You might find me listening to some spiritual “woo woo” podcasts in my favorite coffee shop.

I crave the connection to other like-minded spiritual folks and experience those ‘Aha” moments together.

I’m a believer in moving our bodies outside and connecting with nature...I adore hiking and being on the water, it’s an instant mood booster for me.

After my spiritual retreat to Spain, I’ve discovered the thrill of traveling and can’t wait for my next jet plane adventure...hopefully to Fiji or Thailand.

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