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I know all too well what if feels like to dream of a life you don't have. To realize you might be repeating some ancestral family patterns that don't serve you in the least. I'm talking about subconscious beliefs that you learned as a child before the age of 6! Just by observing your family in that environment, you picked up most of your core beliefs about life...money, relationships, health, worthiness etc...

Even knowing what those obstacles were and where they came from, was not enough for me to change the "old programming", that was hardwired into my subconscious.

Meditating, journaling, affirmations and writing positive notes on my mirror about how AMAZING I was, just wasn't quite enough.

I wanted something completely different so badly. I would attend different retreats, hoping for the lasting change from the way I reacted to the world and my perceptions. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the retreats and connecting with like minded souls. I would come home from the retreats on this natural high feeling Magnificent, then life happened and all my old patterns showed up again.

It was not until I began to consciously "rewire and balance" my subconscious that was storing my old core beliefs, that the transformation happened.

By identifying my limiting beliefs and changing them into a empowering belief, my life started to transform into ways I couldn't imagine and it continues to evolve.

My Story

I’ve been a massage therapist and body worker for about 16 years. While working with the body, I started to get curious about the energy I would feel, the images I would see and emotions I was experiencing. I began taking some classes on Reiki and Craniosacral and really started to put the connection together. 

My table became a safe space for people to share and express their minds and hearts and I was so honored my clients trusted me with this sacred part of themselves. 

Soon I learned that the reason people were coming to see me was to connect and receive a new story or perspective in an area of their life. To move the energy of trauma or stagnant energy through their bodies for relief and a new sense of freedom in their bodies and mind. To shift into a new belief, to propell them into what their heart is really calling for.

Combing all these modalities for a whole mind, body and spirit healing, has been truly a beautiful and expanding journey of it's own, and I feel blessed to do this work.



I'm Shirley

I'm a seeker of truth, My truth. I've been on this journey most my life and it fills me with happiness. I have an amazing daughter, who teaches me lessons, I couldn't see on my own. I feel like a winner when I feel the balance of life running through my home and heart.

I love deep, meaningful conversations and strong coffee. You might find me listening to spiritual podcasts like Abraham, Marie Manuchehri, Bruce Lipton, Alan Cohen and many more in my favorite coffee shop.

I adore the connection to other like-minded spiritual souls and love to experience those ‘Aha” moments together.

I beleive in moving our bodies outside and connecting with nature, I feel it has much to teach us. I love to hike and absorb mother nature's beauty and energy. Spending time on or in the water is another favorite I enjoy and find cleansing of the soul. I have a small flower garden that grounds me and brings me great joy.

After my spiritual retreat to Spain, I’ve discovered the thrill of traveling and can’t wait for my next adventure. I'm constantly being called back to the Island of Hawaii and feel a deep connection with her.

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