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Get clear on how you can return "home" and become the magnificent creator you truly are.

Hey Friend!

I’m Shirley, a soul-based empowerment coach.

I help courageous women like you reprogram your subconscious beliefs so you can live the life you knew you were supposed to!

I know this matters to you because you’re ready to step into your power and make those big changes to discover your gifts...and truly live your life on purpose.

I combine intuition, subconscious reprogramming, coaching and energy healing to help you move through your blocks and fears so you can shine in every area of your life!

Together we'll discover and shift any limiting beliefs that are holding you back. This will allow your spirit to shine and your soul to illuminate for you to live a more meaningful, fulfilling and purpose-driven life!


What if you could...

Remove the barriers that continuously block your goals.

I totally got're ready to make some changes in your life. You want to start LIVING your life with passion. You know you have fears and limiting beliefs, but you can't quite seem to shift them. 

You’ve read your self-help/spiritual books and feel inspired ...for a day or two, then it fizzles out.

You hear your self-sabotage in your head and start your mantras of affirmations...But nothing really changes!

I totally get it! I was there too, and we are all constantly growing and expanding into our greatness!

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